Trivia Trail

Welcome to an exciting adventure that will transform your family time into a thrilling quest for knowledge and fun! Get ready to embark on an app-based trivia trail designed to challenge your wits, spark your curiosity, and bring your loved ones closer together. Our interactive trivia trail is the perfect blend of entertainment and education.

How to Play

1. Purchase a ticket from the website below. Tickets are $20 each. All proceeds go to the charities and good causes supported by Rotary. 

After you have purchased a ticket, you will receive an email with a link to download the App and the code you need to be able to play.

2. Download the TurfHunt app from the link in your ticket email.

Select “Allow Always” when giving permission for the app to use your location data. You can easily turn this off or delete the app after finishing the Trivia Trail.

3. Play

Enter the code you are given in the "Redeem Invitation" option on the app.

Next, select "Download 2MB", as that will cache the whole trail on your phone, and it will work much faster and better. 

Click Start, and you are ready to go.

Click HERE for hints and tips on playing the Trivia Trail 

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