Our Club

What is the Rotary Club of Manly?

We are passionate!

Our multigenerational club members are passionate about volunteering to help.

  • We are passionate about replacing the kitchen at Salvation Army with a new commercial one.
  • We are passionate about providing SES with IT and AV training equipment.
  • We are passionate about buying a purpose built van for Balgowlah Lifeline.

Our passion leads us abroad.

  • We support a successful on-going sanitation project in PNG.
  • We donate to an independent orphanage in Kenya.

And so much more....

  • Is it TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it build GOODWILL and FRIENDSHIPS?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

That’s Rotary!! Come and join us in our passion.

Join us to organise a project or suggest a new one that you need help with!

The Manly Scenic Fun Run & Walk

Since 2010

We always need help from volunteers for “on the day” help for the fun run. This would involve helping with registrations, people control, being at “stations” along the route, start and finish control etc. If you have spare time in the morning of 6 September 2020 and you'd like to help out, please get in involved!

Other Projects

Since 1936 but still attracting young new members

We would love to hear from people who would like to donate their time and speak at one of our meetings. Speakers often come from a charity asking for help with a project and that’s fine as long as they fit our donation guidelines criteria, it can be a project that we can consider, or it can be an interesting subject for our club members.


Presidents: Luke Schoen, Richard Schroder
Immediate P.P: Virginia Parker and Susie Morgan
Admin, Secretariat: Ken Hopley, Norm Thomson, Keith Thom
Membership: Susie Morgan, Ted Waters, Ginny Parker
Foundation: David Park
Community: Virginia Parker, Susie Morgan, Aleks Zids, James Lignum, Angela Brooks
Youth programs & Environment: Evelyn Ciocco, Fran White, Kashinee Veeren
International: Richard Schroder, Lynne Shori
Fund Raising: Ken farrow, Ted Waters, David Brown
Media and Communications: James Lignum, Angela Brooks, Nick Venn

Angela Brooks
Luke Schoen
Nick Venn

Still Amazed

"Although I have been a Rotarian for over 30 years I am still amazed by the commitment of my fellow Manly Rotarians to helping those in our community in need"


Great Experience

"Four years ago I felt the need to offer something to the community and people who needed support. I was so warmly welcomed by Manly Rotary Club members that I decided to join immediately. Since that time I have have been involved in numerous projects to help our community and travelled to Kenya as a volunteer at an Orphanage that had been founded by a lady school teacher Rotarian in Queensland. What a great experience it has been over the last four years! "


Fun and Rewarding

"Finding local young people for Rotary sponsored scholarships is both fun and rewarding. It is an investment in the future of Manly. And doing it as a team makes it even better."


Great Community

"The Rotary Manly Fun Run & Walk is a community event that I have enjoyed as a participant for a number of years. I wanted to give back and so I joined the Rotary Club to be part of the team making this great community event happen. (We have a fabulous vision for the future of this run!) I enjoy that as a Club we focus on raising funds for our local community but we also support excellent international projects as well.

Get involved - You’ll be glad you did!"



Get to know us.

We’re a friendly bunch of professionals and would welcome you to our meeting.

Just send in a request to sit in and all the Zoom details will be send to you.

We’re happy to have you.


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