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Partner Members

   2022-2023

100% of your donation to us goes into projects.

Our projects support youth, the environment, disease prevention, water and sanitation, domestic violence, mental health, economic and community development.

Rotary Club of Manly

Over $1.6m raised for charities

The Rotary Club of Manly has been around since 1936 and over that time we've worked on hundreds of projects.

The Manly Fun Run & Walk is our major fundraising platform but with your help, we can take that even further.

Partner Membership

The first question one should ask is where are the benefits to our organisation by investing in the Rotary Club of Manly Membership Programme.

Well, firstly the Rotary brand you are aligning with is an internationally recognised and a respectfully acknowledged organisation with the purest form of raising funds and distributing these funds where the highest percentage of your dollar goes to the most deserving recipients.

For this to happen you must have a team of like-minded people who want to make a profound difference and support this ideal. Amongst this group we have some highly skilled tech members who have created/developed sophisticated social media platforms to allow us to promote our fundraising events, target our beneficiaries and the resulting benefits. We are leveraging our 5000+ email database, in addition to cross exposure via other partner members clientele. Our partner members report getting bang for the buck.

By association, your organisation/company can demonstrate your corporate culture and social conscience to potential clients/customers.

Partner members also get the opportunity to  send an up-and-coming leader to RYLA, a world renowned program. Veiw more information on RYLA here.

One of our most commonly used slogans in Rotary is “Making a Difference”. Let us demonstrate to you how a small investment in our Corporate Partners programme can reward your organisation, enforce your corporate image and really “Make a Difference”.

To become a partner member, we ask for $5,000 in cash, kind or a combination of both.

How we raise

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Corporate & Personal

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Manly Fun Run & Walk

Manly Trivia Trail

Corporate & Personal Donations

The Rotary Club of Manly is developing a strategy whereby we can offer a clear example of how to make a contribution towards our projects/programmes and in doing so gain recognition for you Civic Mindedness and Company Promotion through our website, social media platforms and growing 5000+ database.

To gain Corporate Membership we propose an annual membership of $5,000. For this you will work with our team in creating best possible fit for both organisations, for example:

  • Corporate Profiling
  • Website Banners
  • Constant communication with the 5,000+ data base
  • Brand exposure on our major events
    • including the Manly Fun Run and Trivia Trail of Manly
  • Opportunity for staff to “physically roll up the sleeve” and make difference in the community
  • Promoting your brand alongside a worldwide institution

Your investment gains further credibility by association and being recognised as a Corporate citizen in the Manly community. One example of which is the Rotary Club of Manly's commitment to funding some work associated with the development of proposed Hospice on the old Manly Hospital site.

Because the Rotary name is renowned world wide for its association and partnering with the Bill Gates Foundation in the eradication of Polio, major sanitation projects in third world countries and the cure for Malaria, there is much to be gained by investing in the Rotary brand.

Manly Fun Run & Walk

The Manly Fun Run is into its 13th year and continues to grow in popularity and fund raising potential.

With the help of Corporate Members, Partners and Donors we have designed an event that appeals to all families, all ages, social runners and the very serious athletes. The event mobilises lots of volunteers all wanting to make a difference in our community. It serves to promote the Manly area to its fullest, promotes community awareness and best of all encourages everyone to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The three categories include:

  • 2km. Fun and games along the Manly promenade for all the family
  • 5km. For the ambitious and fit with the view to the next step up
  • 10km. A true test for the fit and serious runners

These three events combine the famous Manly Beach along with trails that wind through the historic Quarantine Station and the North Head National park. You will also see the military enforcements that were created in our defence during World War 2.

So breath in the sights, sounds and ozone’s of the magic run knowing that your contributions will benefit many charities and you will be “making a difference”.

Manly Trivia Trail

This is a newer incentive by the Rotary Club of Manly to raise funds for our many charities, but unlike our Manly Fund Run with its many logistical challengers that are part of conducting these events, this embraces current technology and potentially a younger demographic…an event for the whole family.

The Trivia Trail has been developed to lead you through the famous Manly precinct, directing you to find QR Codes on our web app, to identify points and places of interest with the help of cryptic comments. It is designed with the encouragement of local and state government to promote the historic Manly area with its many cafes, restaurants, boutiques, gastro pubs, plus the sights and sounds our favourite town and the beautiful Sydney Harbour.

The Trivia Trail also is designed to raise funds, and in doing so support and promote our generous Corporate Members, Donors and Partners. We believe the Trivia Trail will fulfil all these objectives, give us exposure to a new market, but most importantly promote the Rotary brand, its opportunities and rewards for those civic minded folks.

General Partnership Benefits



Exclusivity. Only one partner per industry

Annual communication on our partnership to our contacts data base 5000+ 

Work with each other to build valuable ideas 

Speaking opportunities at Rotary Club of Manly meetings


Banner on our website

Social media and email exposure

Branding at Fun Run and on the Trivia Trail

Mentions in media communication

Our Stories are your Stories

Proudly call our stories your stories. 

  • 90 percent are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given similar price and quality.
  • 83 percent say that, whenever possible, they try to purchase products or services that are socially or environmentally responsible.
  • 88 percent have a more positive image of a company that supports social and environmental causes.
  • 79 percent are more likely to trust a company that supports social and environmental issues.
  • 67 percent are more loyal to a company that supports social and environmental issues.

*Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR Study

So much more...

   Do something for the community

Fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility and let us organise your volunteer days. 

Keen for a team building session? Let us help organise your staff and volunteers for a day or afternoon of team building. Identify a cause you'd like to help or let us set the agenda with you. From littler picking to Fence painting, if you've got the hands, we've got the ability to find your local project and get you into the community. 

Let's talk about joint branding opportunities.

Talk to Ken...


Let me tell you about Ken...

Have a chat with Ken about how we can work together. 

Fun and Rewarding!

"Finding local young people for Rotary sponsored scholarships is both fun and rewarding. It is an investment in the future of Manly. And doing it as a team makes it even better."


Still Amazed!

"Although I have been a Rotarian for over 30 years I am still amazed by the commitment of my fellow Manly Rotarians to helping those in our community in need"


Community & Friendship

"I originally joined Rotary out of a sense of giving back to the community after volunteering for many years in my kids activities. Now I appreciate a degree of community and friendship with the friends I have made through an active involvement with Rotary."


Great Community

"The Rotary Manly Fun Run & Walk is a community event that I have enjoyed as a participant for a number of years. I wanted to give back and so I joined the Rotary Club to be part of the team making this great community event happen. (We have a fabulous vision for the future of this run!) I enjoy that as a Club we focus on raising funds for our local community but we also support excellent international projects as well.

Get involved - You’ll be glad you did!"


Great Experience

"Four years ago I felt the need to offer something to the community and people who needed support. I was so warmly welcomed by Manly Rotary Club members that I decided to join immediately. Since that time I have have been involved in numerous projects to help our community and travelled to Kenya as a volunteer at an Orphanage that had been founded by a lady school teacher Rotarian in Queensland. What a great experience it has been over the last four years! "


Chat to us about how you want to help your community...

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