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The Rotary Club of Manly has been around since 1936 and over that time we've worked on hundreds of projects.

The Fun Run is our major fundraising platform.

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Manly Fun Run

Now in its 11th year; The Manly Scenic Fun Run & Walk is a great day out.

Elite runners, Sunday joggers, walkers, children, families and yes, even seniors, are all catered for. It’s a fun day, well organised and well supervised. People enjoy the exhilaration that comes with the outdoor exercise as well as the camaraderie of being part of this event. The run includes harbour views as well as a route through the beautiful bush of North Head.

It is Rotary Club of Manly’s primary fund raiser and all money raised will help the local community. This includes scholarships, local charities and capital works. Rotary members do all the work so there are no administration fees.

The Fun Run is also a platform for local charities to use the event to raise money for themselves. So get involved, enjoy a great day out and support your local community!

Lending a helping hand

With high ethical standards, we ask ourselves these questions.

PNG COVID Awareness Campaign

Making a difference to the quality of life of others

Sanitation conditions were greatly improved because of Rotary’s involvement.

Our continued enthusiasm for this project includes teaching the people of PNG how to maintain and continue to improve good hygiene.

Lifelife Van Donation

Accepting the challenge of volunteer service

Rotary Club of Manly puts the Fun Run money to where it matters most.

Lifeline has long been one of our interests and providing money for this van benefits everyone.

RYLA Sponsorship

Possessing qualities of leadership and character

Not only are local Rotarians leaders, but we promote leadership in our young professionals.

These young people attended a camp which is both beneficial and motivating, and also encourages young people with to step forward and be the leaders of our future.

Stand Tall

Working as a team member with your peers

Not many can do it alone. That’s why Rotary Club of Manly supports team efforts.

As team members aiding Stand Tall, thousands of young students were able to hear inspirational stories about overcoming adversity, encouraging students to move forward regardless of their circumstances.

Still Amazed

"Although I have been a Rotarian for over 30 years I am still amazed by the commitment of my fellow Manly Rotarians to helping those in our community in need"


Great Experience

"Four years ago I felt the need to offer something to the community and people who needed support. I was so warmly welcomed by Manly Rotary Club members that I decided to join immediately. Since that time I have have been involved in numerous projects to help our community and travelled to Kenya as a volunteer at an Orphanage that had been founded by a lady school teacher Rotarian in Queensland. What a great experience it has been over the last four years! "


Fun and Rewarding

"Finding local young people for Rotary sponsored scholarships is both fun and rewarding. It is an investment in the future of Manly. And doing it as a team makes it even better."


Great Community

"The Rotary Manly Fun Run & Walk is a community event that I have enjoyed as a participant for a number of years. I wanted to give back and so I joined the Rotary Club to be part of the team making this great community event happen. (We have a fabulous vision for the future of this run!) I enjoy that as a Club we focus on raising funds for our local community but we also support excellent international projects as well.

Get involved - You’ll be glad you did!"



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