Lighthouse for the Community

Here we have another wonderful example of how the Rotary Club of Manly is “making a difference” in our community.

Fence Project

  2021  |    BROOKVALE, NSW

How it started

As with many projects that the club has undertaken, this was the result of a moving presentation by the Principal, Josie, of the “Lighthouse”, a facility for those disadvantaged, experiencing domestic violence/abuse, homelessness, addiction etc.

Josie’s facility is a registered charity and functions solely on donations and philanthropy.

They operate from cramped space under the Salvation Army complex in Dee Why, exposed to the street and without the appropriate security.

The request was for assistance in securing the property so that the clients could feel safe and protected during their time at the facility.

How Rotary helped

The Rotary Club of Manly, upon inspection, determined that firstly the whole area surrounding needed a massive clean-up, complete new fencing and security entrance and landscaping.

A veteran member in the club, highly skilled in securing goods and services for zero cost to the club, secured the services of URM for removal of debris/rubbish from the site and all paints, brushes and rollers from Bunnings. 

Quotes were then called for and a fencing company provided a generous quotation.

Capital works, project management, in kind donations and a worker bee!

The club volunteers then stepped up and a team finished the painting over a period of two days. 

The project has transformed the space, provided Lighthouse with a safe and secure environment where those most vulnerable and in need can come and the principals can provide the amazing service they are renowned for.

The project has even allowed the Lighthouse for the Community centre to be used for parent-child visitations, which was an excellent by product on the installation of a secure space.

The Rotary club of Manly has a long history of “Making a Difference” in the community and this is just another great example of this.

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"Four years ago I felt the need to offer something to the community and people who needed support. I was so warmly welcomed by Manly Rotary Club members that I decided to join immediately. Since that time I have have been involved in numerous projects to help our community and travelled to Kenya as a volunteer at an Orphanage that had been founded by a lady school teacher Rotarian in Queensland. What a great experience it has been over the last four years! "


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