The COVID Pandemic is a serious threat to Asia, PNG & Australia

PNG Status: Testing rates are low and the numbers are understated

International Team Proposal

  2021  |    PNG


The threat of resurgence of Covid from the west into PNG and Australia is growing and real.

The best defence is educating people in remote communities of PNG to the threat and supporting an effective prevention and vaccination campaign

Two organisations have a demonstrable capacity to address the threat:

  • ADI
  • WPNG
  • and both are Manly based.

The International Group will:

  • Build awareness in the community in Australia & PNG of the resurgent Covid threat to our north;
  • Help to alert remote communities of the need for improved sanitation and better hygiene;
  • Assist WPNG and ADI to mount sustainable education campaigns in remote areas of Manus Is., New Ireland, West New Britain and Western Province;
  • Broaden our support base for a sustainable health initiative for PNG by reaching out to other Rotary Wubs in the Cluster, District 9685 and neighbouring Districts.
Rotary Club of Manly in PNG Map

Situation Analysis COVID in Western Province

14 recent deaths and 22 out of 30 cases recently reported. Other areas of concern include Manus Is.

PNG has no COVID awareness campaigns particularly in the remote provinces.

Rotary Club of Manly supported WantaimPNG in the COVID soap awareness campaign 2020-21

Covid Cases PNG Chart

Proposed assistance to ADI & WantaimPNG

Proposal 1: provide solar power cells & satellite communications to assist in awareness and foster acceptance of the need for social distancing & the vaccine.

Proposal 2: Rotary Club of Manly has assisted Wantaim PNG with building 9 composting toilets in Rapotona and will support further sanitation projects as part of its future strategy.


Future Projects: Sanitation

WantaimPNG proposal for Manus Improve sanitation across 4 LLGs: Rapatona, Balopa, Lorengau, Penabu/ Nali Bopat.

This will complement sanitation work done to east in Rapotona likely cost $100,000

Gulf Province School Project Lese Oalai: Provide 3+ toilets at school

Although embryonic International Committee of Rotary Club of Manly Club has become aware of a major school building initiative at Lese Oalai. This is an area the club has previously helped with education support. There is a need for 10 composting toilets similar to the type used by WantaimPNG in Manus. Rotary Club of Manly is evaluating support for providing some of these.

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