Pioneer Club House Refurbishment

Project Management and ensuring sufficient funds.

Pioneer Club House Refurbishment


What is it?

The Pioneer Club House is a community based facility for adults living with or recovering from mental illness and offers and assists members to gain meaningful work, employment, services and support.

The original Pioneer Club House was built in 1951 and was in disrepair as well as not meeting present day building standards.

How Rotary Helped

Due to the relationship that had developed between the Rotary Club of Manly and the Pioneer Club House, we offered to manage the expansion of the Pioneer Club House including ensuring sufficient funds would be sourced to effect completion.

The NSW government, via the Community Building Partnership Programme, donated $60,000 to the project that was awarded for the sum of $175,000 to the successful contractor. With additional work to cover unknown costs and painting, the final amount was approximately $185,000.

The refurbishment followed a recently completed additional building supplied by the local Council that was to be joined to the existing building following its refurbishment. At this time the club had only approximately 20 members.

The work was completed in 2 months, allowing the club membership to quickly expanded to many hundreds!

Pioneer Club House Flyscreens

Continued help...

Installation of flysreens and screen doors in their kitchen and dining area.

Our Club has a long association with Pioneer Clubhouse (Open Door) that is a facility for men and women who are recovering from some form of mental illness.

Apart from the major re-construction of the Clubhouse we recently were able to help again with the purchase of flyscreens and flyscreen doors, to ensure the best hygienic conditions for their kitchen.

Manly Rotary's donation for these flyscreens was $1,600.

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Still Amazed!

"Although I have been a Rotarian for over 30 years I am still amazed by the commitment of my fellow Manly Rotarians to helping those in our community in need"


Community & Friendship

"I originally joined Rotary out of a sense of giving back to the community after volunteering for many years in my kids activities. Now I appreciate a degree of community and friendship with the friends I have made through an active involvement with Rotary."


Great Community

"The Rotary Manly Fun Run & Walk is a community event that I have enjoyed as a participant for a number of years. I wanted to give back and so I joined the Rotary Club to be part of the team making this great community event happen. (We have a fabulous vision for the future of this run!) I enjoy that as a Club we focus on raising funds for our local community but we also support excellent international projects as well.

Get involved - You’ll be glad you did!"


Fun and Rewarding!

"Finding local young people for Rotary sponsored scholarships is both fun and rewarding. It is an investment in the future of Manly. And doing it as a team makes it even better."


Great Experience

"Four years ago I felt the need to offer something to the community and people who needed support. I was so warmly welcomed by Manly Rotary Club members that I decided to join immediately. Since that time I have have been involved in numerous projects to help our community and travelled to Kenya as a volunteer at an Orphanage that had been founded by a lady school teacher Rotarian in Queensland. What a great experience it has been over the last four years! "


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